About Us

Hornington Enterprises Ltd (A Member of the Chainrai Group of Companies) was established in 1984 to facilitate trade between Hong Kong, China and the European Market.

Our strength then as it is now was supplying our customers with the products they required at competitive prices as well as ensuring that goods ordered were shipped in a timely fashion and in good order.

To this effect we developed a supply chain that took care of all details from sourcing and auditing factories, to new product development, quality assurance, inspection and shipment of goods to the end buyer.

In 1989 we were one of the first companies in Hong Kong to establish a presence in Eastern Europe with offices in Moscow, Kiev and other Eastern European countries.

With our movement into Eastern Europe and the breakdown of the USSR we were at the forefront of the consumer revolution that took place, taking a major role in the supply of branded Japanese Audio and Video products into the old Eastern Bloc.

From there we were able to develop strategic partnerships with our major customers to develop OEM Brands which are now very prominent in the new CIS.

Since then we have moved onto develop new markets in the Middle East, Central and South America.

For the future we are looking to enter the Sub Continent with our starting point being India, where we feel we have much to offer to the developing market. Our experience in supplying a vast array of household and electronics products, and trade finance facilities, would the ideal solution partner to the millions of small and medium scale Indian enterprises who are seeking to expand their product range and take advantage of the fast growing requirements of the Indian economy.

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